Graduate Program

Students in the Graduate Program come to Heathfield High School as full fee paying students, usually for a period of twenty four months. Students live in government-organised and approved homestay accommodation. Students in this program undertake study over two years to complete secondary studies in South Australia, and hence qualify for the South Australian Certificate of Education. This Certificate is one of the requirements for students to apply for tertiary education in Adelaide, or elsewhere in Australia.

For students who have a limited command of English, Heathfield High School can offer access to an Intensive Secondary English Course (ISEC) where students improve their general English language skills, while also learning the specialist language of different academic areas. On completion of the ISEC course, students enter mainstream classes, while continuing to study English as a Second Language (ESL).

Heathfield High School prides itself on the supportive and caring nature of its homestays, and the high quality of the homestay accommodation. Most homestays organised by Heathfield High School have sons or daughters currently attending Heathfield High School. This makes it very easy for International Students to settle into both the homestay and school environments, and quickly master the English language.

Heathfield High School homestays undergo an interview and check by International Education Services (IES) personnel, and all homestays undergo a police check organised in conjunction with IES. The Heathfield High School homestays are supported by the Director of International Programs, who runs in-service sessions for host families, and provides a twenty four hour support service. Homestays are kept up-to-date with regular written reports, and are invited to participate in cultural and celebratory events.


Heathfield High School has an intensive support structure for our International Students. This includes -

  • Provision of general school information prior to arrival at Heathfield High School
  • Provision of curriculum information prior to arrival
  • Provision of host family details and contact address, phone number and email address prior to arrival
  • A full induction program on arrival at Heathfield High School
  • A Heathfield High School student 'buddy' for the duration of their stay
  • On-going personal support from our Student Counsellors
  • On-going personal support from our ESL teachers
  • On-going personal support from the student's Pastoral Care teacher
  • On-going twenty four hour support from Heathfield High School's International Program Manager
  • Provision of interim and end-of-term reports and transcripts as required

For further information about Heathfield High School's Long-Term Visit Program, please visit 'International Education Services' at the South Australian Government International Education Services website, and express a preference for placement at Heathfield High School. Enrolment information is available in the Step-By-Step Guide to enrolling in a South Australian Government School.