Principal's Welcome

Schools are in the privileged position of helping to shape young people’s lives; and for families, choosing a secondary school is one of the most important decisions parents, carers and students will ever make. At Heathfield we are passionate about supporting your child’s growth as an individual, equipping them with the skills, knowledge and mindsets that will support and guide them into meaningful, challenging and rewarding future pathways and careers.

As one of five public high schools in South Australia Identified as an Entrepreneurial Specialist School, we are committed to innovation and excellence in teaching and learning. Our goal is to develop students who are creative and critical thinkers, who have developed excellent communication and collaboration skills, and who are leaders in our community. To this end, staff at Heathfield are outward looking and reflective, they learn together, adapting their teaching methodologies to accelerate our young people’s depth and application of knowledge, seeking to develop capable learners who can transfer their understanding to a range of situations.

At Heathfield High School, our teaching and learning is rigorous resulting in high-level academic standards. Our vocational training options, and extra-curricular activities are extensive and provide our students the skills needed to challenge themselves across a range of disciplines, including STEAM - Science, Technologies, the Arts and Mathematics – Responsible living: Health and Personal Development, Global learning; English, Humanities and a range of flexible learning options.
With $9 million dollars to be spent upgrading the school from 2020-21, students across all learning areas will enjoy modern, student centred educational facilities in all areas of their learning.

Our international program features tours to Asia and Europe, along with short term visits to Heathfield from a number of schools worldwide. Our school community is exceptionally welcoming of students from overseas, with many families enjoying the opportunity to host students in their homes.

Heathfield High School is also a special interest sports school, offering Specialist Volleyball from Years 8 to 12. The continues to be one of Australia’s premier school-based programs, providing an enhanced opportunity for the pursuit of sporting excellence, within a school environment that similarly encourages high level educational endeavour.

The vibrant and welcoming atmosphere of Heathfield High School demonstrates the openness and connectedness of a community that is passionate about, and proud of, their local school.

I encourage you to contact the school reception for a Principal’s tour and insight into our incredible school.

Roy Page