Principal's Welcome

Welcome to Heathfield High School. I would like to begin by writing that it is an honour to lead this remarkable site and be able to work with our school community to shape future generations.   Our vision is to “ build a community of passionate people who positively influence the world”.  For this to be possible, we ensure that students have a balance between academic learning and general capabilities. We are also aware that we are not alone in our quest and therefore embrace the connections we make with families and the wider community. Our Culture for Learning document underpins our school ethos and we continue to develop and build an inclusive environment. We are a school committed to high expectations and we strive for excellence in teaching and learning, which is supported by our rigorous Quality Assurance processes.

Students at Heathfield High School are encouraged to use their critical and creative thinking skills in a range of collaborative forums. We nurture them to be expert communicators, who can articulate their ideas in multiple forums and who can use a range of technologies to contribute to society. We aim to build resilience and determination so that students are equipped with mindsets that overcome the challenges presented by modern life.

Our site has innovative learning spaces with our recent building project concluding in 2022. This included upgrades to existing classrooms and a new 3-storey building containing specialised art facilities, general open plan classrooms and a new administration wing. This is in addition to refurbishment of the library area which contains a dedicated Student Services and wellbeing hub with breakout spaces and rooms for Allied Health professionals.

Heathfield High School’s learning programs promote and support future pathways, and expose our students to a range of subjects and topics that stretch their thinking, and at the same time allow them to explore their passions.

Our staff are progressive in their outlook and embrace the opportunity to explore innovation. We also work on a team ethos which is evident across the site and throughout many discipline and inter-discipline areas. Our collaborative ethos expands to our specialist programs, such as volleyball, which continues to be part of one of Australia’s highly acclaimed school sporting programs. The program provides an enhanced opportunity for the pursuit of sporting excellence within a school environment and encourages high-level educational endeavour. In addition, we are one of 5 specialist Entrepreneurial schools which places Heathfield High School at the forefront of innovation. Students are motivated by the opportunity to use and expand their personal capabilities in pioneering learning spaces thus supporting further opportunities in our ever-changing world.

Our music and arts programs not only build on knowledge and skills but also give students the chance to embrace community connections. We have a strong emphasis on STEM and have purpose-built STEM areas. Our English and Maths programs provide rigour and support our School Improvement Plan, which has an emphasis on literacy and numeracy.

We value wellbeing and have a range of interventions to support young people. We have a strong peer program where our Big Brothers and Sisters (BBS) help support our younger students. Student Voice is valued and our school captains lead a number of major school events and change management processes at the school.

Heathfield High School’s academic results have attested to our emphasis on expert teaching and rigorous learning. Our professional learning program has been commended for its systematic emphasis on building capacity amongst our teachers. We have built and developed our vocational education pathways to provide a broad range of career options, at the same time forging strong links with major Adelaide and interstate universities.

Our caring and progressive school embraces the community connectedness and our passion for education is evident.

We welcome prospective students and their families to tour the site and existing families to continue to be involved in our community events.  

Bev Collis