Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enrol my child at Heathfield High School?

Year 6 students will apply through the Department for Education's statewide transition process to start high school in 2025. Schools will begin providing information to families mid 2024.

All year 6 families who attend a public primary school will automatically be provided application information when the statewide transition process opens for 2025 entry.

Non-government school families, who want to attend a public high school in 2025, can request application information from their local education office or by emailing

More information can be found at


Please refer all queries about the application information to your child’s primary school.

Through the state-wide transition process, you can nominate your child for up to 3 non-local high schools, as well as your local (zoned) school. If your child currently goes to a combined school (eg reception to year 12), you can stay at that school or apply for another high school. You must apply by the due date.

After the transition process closes each year, schools will take late applications directly. Late applicants may have limited opportunity to attend a non-local high school or a school with a capacity management plan.


What school is my child zoned to?

To check your zoned school, please check this link -


What Special Interest Programs does Heathfield offer? (separate applications required)


Special Interest Volleyball Program

Special Interest Volleyball is offered as a subject across years 7-11. The program provides an enhanced opportunity for the pursuit of sporting excellence within a school environment. The combination of Special Interest Volleyball and traditional academic subjects has been cited for benefiting academic success and personal development.

Sports psychology, personal development and leadership skills are unique components to the program and are pivotal to the continued success of our squad.

Special Interest Volleyball students have the opportunity to take part in a number of tournaments held intrastate, interstate and overseas. National and state coaches assist with squad preparations in beach volleyball and in specialist areas of setting, passing and attacking.

Application information can be found here -


Entrepreneurial Specialist Program

Heathfield High School has a special entry Entrepreneurial Specialist Learning Pathway that students can apply to be a part of from year 7. This special entry pathway is integrated through the Humanities (HASS) learning area. Students will use design thinking and product based learning to explore and understand what it means to be entrepreneurial and the mindsets required to be successful. This will include specialised learning experiences, The World Peace Game, Passion Projects, $20 Boss, Social Enterprise Schools and our ‘Taking the Adelaide Hills to the World’ project. Through digital technologies and home economics students will also use and develop their critical and creative thinking with an entrepreneurial focus.

Application information can be found here -


Do you have a specialised music program?

We do not offer a specialised music program as such (this is not deemed a specialised program by the Department for Education as it does not have an application process). However we do offer a music program.

Heathfield High School acknowledges the importance of instrumental tuition within our program. We work in collaboration with our instrumental staff to provide music tuition during school hours using school facilities. To give your child the best chance of success it is recommended that all year 8 students choosing Heathfield High School’s music program have at least one year’s experience on their chosen instrument, the ability to sight read and have a basic understanding of musical theory (Grade 1) is also advantageous. All students enrolled in the music program take part in at least two annual performances, for this reason it is important that the students have developed at least a basic level of
development on their chosen instrument.


Middle Years Curriculum

Heathfield High School values and promotes Middle Schooling. Our Middle Years curriculum is designed to meet the changing needs of the adolescent. Through our Middle Years curriculum, students develop a sense of self, clarify their values and begin to see themselves as community citizens. Our students are encouraged to develop positive, meaningful relationships with both adults and peers, to think laterally and act confidently through our leading edge learning programs that allow our students access to cutting edge technologies and pedagogies. More details can be found here


Inclusive Education

The Inclusive Education team supports students who have learning difficulties and disabilities.
Paula Nation is the current Inclusive Education Coordinator (acting) and she organizes the support across different teaching areas for individual students. The curriculum SSO’s provide support directly to students within their classrooms as required.

During the transition process, we seek information from our feeder primary schools and parents so that we can ascertain what learning supports are required for each new cohort. As each cohort is unique, just like each of our student's, the learning support is tailored each year and looks different for each cohort as they move through high school.


Student Wellbeing

Our student wellbeing team work in partnership with students, parents and carers, educators and the wider community to promote and safeguard student wellbeing and optimise learning. More information can be found here


School Policies

Our school polices can be found at this link -


Student Leadership

Information on student leadership can be found at this link -


School Uniform

Our uniform policy, information and photos can be found here –


School Buses

Heathfield High School operates 5 school buses (Bridgewater, Bridgewater-A, Mylor, Ironbank/Scott Creek and Crafers West).  Please refer to website to check student eligibility, application form and route information -


Public Transport

SouthLink operates morning and afternoon bus services to and from Heathfield High School for several nearby suburbs.  Please use the following link and select Heathfield High School from the drop down menu to view available options -