The enrolment process for new Year 8 students is managed by the Department for Education. Students in Year 7 in government primary schools will automatically be issued with a ‘Starting Secondary School’ application pack during May of Year 7. Parents of children who are attending a non-government school will need to request an application pack, including the ‘registration of interest for placement in year 8’ form, from the South Australian Government 'Choosing a High School' website. Parents of Year 7 students can enrol at their zoned secondary school, or indicate on the application form that they wish to be considered for a school outside their designated zone.

Students who live within the Heathfield High School zone have guaranteed enrolment at Heathfield High School. If you are unsure whether you reside in the Heathfield High School zone, you can check the Heathfield High School zone map.

Students from outside the Heathfield High School zone are welcome to apply for enrolment. In this case, a position cannot be guaranteed, and potential students will need to meet the enrolment criteria.

Students who wish to apply for entry into Heathfield High School's Special Interest Volleyball program at Year 8 need to submit an application prior to the published closing date. Entry to this program is competitive. You can find further information about the Volleyball Program application process at the Volleyball Application page of this website.
If you would like to learn more about Heathfield High School, you are welcome to attend our Showcase Evening, which is held each year in March. Alternatively, Principal Tours are held regularly. Please contact Reception on 8139 9300 during school hours for further information, or to make a booking.
If you have further queries, please email either -

Heathfield High School, or
• The Department for Education

Heathfield High School offers a number of programs specifically designed for year 8 students, to ease their transition to high school. These include -

Peer Support Selected Year 12 students are assigned to Year 8 Homegroup as Big Brothers and Big Sisters, to provide support and guidance.
Aquatics Day An Aquatics Day is held early in term 1. In small groups, Year 8 students take part in aquatics programs, and get to know each other and their teachers.
Acquaintance Night This is held in Term 1 to give parents the opportunity to meet the Homegroup , and other staff involved with Year 8 students.
Year 8 Leader of Learning A staff member is appointed as Year 8 Leader of Learning, and is available to assist with student and parent issues.
Year 7-8 Transition Program This includes Year 8 representatives.
School Counsellor Our School Counsellor is always available to assist students with any concerns.