Fees and charges

Heathfield High School Materials and Services Charges 2024: $820.00

(Governing Council Approved 5/12/2023)

The materials and services charge has been designed to support Heathfield High School to continue to offer a broad and rich curriculum that goes beyond the base level of education.

The charge covers curriculum/subject supplies and services required to meet the essential cost of the course across all subject areas e.g. Art, Science, Home Economics, PE and Tech Studies

Courses can vary in cost depending on projects and/ or material provided and where applicable, levies will be charged for materials that are required in addition to the basic materials normally used. e.g. Oak wood instead of Pine.

Costs for some items such as elective larger school projects, camps and/or excursions that are beyond the allowances included as part of the core curriculum, will need to be paid for as required and are determined as “other charges” as per Department for Education instruction.

Our budget for curriculum consumables and resources will be in line with the funding we receive from our Materials & Service Charge. Every subject area is automatically allocated consumables and resources funding to cover these expenses.

Please click here to refer to the attached Materials & Services watermark for a breakdown of costs.

Heathfield High School Subject Charges 2024

Please click here to refer to the attached Subject Charges watermark for a breakdown of costs. 

To obtain further information regarding subjects that incur a fee please go to Curriculum / Senior or Middle Years / Subject Information and select year level.

School Card

Applicants can apply for school card assistance by clicking here.

Applicants wishing to be considered for school card assistance MUST APPLY EACH YEAR.

Approved school card holders are exempt from paying their or their child’s materials and services charge for the approved year. Please note School Card does not cover “Other Charges” as outlined below.

Other Charges

The school may request parents, caregivers and independent students to pay for other charges, outside those in the Materials and Services charge. Eg. VET, Camps, Excursions, additional materials above the items and services required to successfully complete the core curriculum activity, Laptop Packages and/or hire.

These are charges or costs for items and services that are not essential to the curriculum, and therefore are optional for the student to receive or participate in. These items and services will not be provided to the student unless the school receives payment, or a commitment to pay has been made.

Payment Options

All payments must be done via the finance office. Students may access the finance office between 8.30am-9.00am and at break 1. Parents may access the finance office at any time during school hours.

Payment options are:

  • Qkr App - preferred method of payment - Please click here for the "How to Use" Guide
  • Electronic funds transfer (EFT).  School bank details can be found on the invoice.  Please quote invoice number and family code.
  • BPoint - visit our website hhs.sa.edu.au and pay your invoice on-line by credit card
  • Direct debit request
  • School cashier

Refund Policy

Our refund policy can be read by clicking here