How to Apply

Applications for Year 7, 2025 are now CLOSED.

Applying for the Entrepreneurial Special Interest Pathway is a simple process, but we do recommend considering answers to the questions below, your Problem Worth Solving and finding a teacher or leader willing to be a referee before logging in to complete the form.

Answers to prepare in advance for your application are:

Personal Statement

  1. What do you hope to learn through this pathway?
  2. What experiences most appeal to you through this pathway?
  3. What entrepreneurial activities have you previously participated in, and what did you enjoy and learn from these?

Problem Worth Solving:

It is the year 2050 and you have found a solution to one of the problems faced by the world. Choosing one problem from the list explain your solution using the questions below:

  • Sustainable Energy Solutions
  • Digital Inclusion
  • Climate-Resilient Agriculture

Questions to consider:

  1. Why was it important to you to solve this problem?
  2. How did you solve the problem?
  3. How did you convince others to support your solution?

Abstract Reasoning Test

During the application, you will be asked to choose a time to sit an Abstract Reasoning Test. These tests use shapes and patterns to assess logic and problem-solving skills.

You have 40 minutes to look at a series of images and determine which comes next in a pattern (for example, a repetition of colour, shape or size).

The good thing about this test is that it is effective and fair for all learning styles and needs.


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