Student Wellbeing

Heathfield High School believes that the welfare of our students is paramount, and has a full-time Student Counsellor available to assist students whenever required. With the increasing complexity of secondary schools and the communities which they serve, the accessibility of our student counsellor is vital for parents, students, teachers and the wider community.

Our Counsellor can assist students in any matters which concern them, whether they be personal or school-related issues, and endeavours to identify the special needs of individual students. She acts in a liaison role between teachers, students and parents, and works to foster positive student-teacher relationships. She assists students enrolling or leaving the school, and acts as a point of contact for parents and the wider community.


Our Counsellor can draw on a wide variety of government and community services to help support our students. She works in a referral and support role with personnel from the Department for Education and Child Development, including Guidance Officers, Social Workers, Speech Pathologists, Behaviour Management Services and Attendance staff. She also works with other agencies such as the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service, FamiliesSA and other medical and professional services in the community.

The Counsellor has an extremely important role in providing course, career and tertiary education counselling and guidance to individuals or groups in the student community, and provides a link with TAFE, Universities and other tertiary institutions. She also helps individual students develop their time-management and study skills, assists in the development of the school curriculum, and devises and implements social development programs across all year levels.

The Counsellor also provides valuable input to the development of policies such as the school's Anti-Bullying andHarassment Policy and Grievance Procedures, contributes to on-going staff professional development, and is also accessible to individual staff with professional or personal concerns.