Heathfield High School Curriculum

The curriculum at Heathfield High School develops a range of learning skills for students, supporting their continuing development as independent, resilient emerging adults, prepared for further learning and life beyond school.

It is the strongly held view of this school community that the quality of teaching and learning is intrinsically linked to the perceived strength of the relationships between students and teachers. Teachers at Heathfield High School are committed to working with students in helping them understand and articulate what they learn, how they learn, how their achievements are assessed and the relevance and connections of their learning to their possible futures, both in school and beyond.

Over the past few years, Heathfield High School has established a dynamic program for the delivery of Vocational Education Training (VET). The number of students participating in VET programs has increased dramatically. This highlights for us that we must think laterally and creatively about curriculum and flexible learning pathways for students.

At the same time we must ensure that the curriculum is always challenging and rigorous and delivered by teachers who are highly skilled in, and passionate about learning. Heathfield High School students want excellent results for university entrance and they achieve them. Almost all of our students gain entrance into the course of their choice at either University or TAFE. Our Year 12 results compare very favourably with those of the state, and university entrance scores are above state average.

Students who are identified as being ‘gifted’ are challenged and extended in their learning, in ways that are appropriate to their specific needs. We believe it is important to carefully consider each child’s learning style and their particular strengths or areas of giftedness in order to provide a program that will motivate and stimulate.

The importance of technology in learning cannot be understated. We believe that technology will push the boundaries of students’ thinking, make them aware of their role and responsibilities as a global citizen, and prepare them for a world in which the technologies we can only dream of are yet to be developed.