Heathfield High School Zone Map

Please use the following link to search for the Heathfield High School Zone Map (located on the Department of Education website)

Zone Map

School Bus Eligibility

Please review the following criteria with regard to school bus eligibility

  1. The student is enrolled at Heathfield High School.
  2. The student resides more than 5 km from their nearest government school or bus route operated by the department.
  3. The Heathfield High School student resides in the area bounded by Gores Road (and its extension west to Summit Road), over Piccadilly Road to Swamp Road and its extension east to Bowling Green Road, Rangeview Drive, Gum Flat Road, Bridgewater‐Carey Gully Road, the South Eastern Freeway, the Onkaparinga River to Mount Bold Reservoir, the western Adelaide Hills Council boundary, Ackland Hill Road and the eastern boundary of the Hills Face Zone.
    NOTE: Provisional (temporary) approval MAY be granted to students living within 5km of their nearest government
    school but who also meet conditions 1 and 3 above.
  4. Students seeking to by‐pass their nearest government school to another school are not eligible unless approval has been granted by the Education Director.

School Bus Applications

Click on the following link to download a school bus application form
2020 Heathfield High School bus application form

Public Transport

SouthLink operates morning and afternoon bus services to and from Heathfield High School for several nearby suburbs.

Please use the following link and select Heathfield High School from the drop down menu to view available options.

SouthLink School Services