Peer Support Program

Big Brother and Sister Peer Support Program

Year 11 and 12 students are able to take on important leadership and support roles in the school through the Big Brother and Sister program. Each year approximately thirty of the school’s senior students are successful in gaining these sought-after positions in the school. The main focus of the role is the well-being of the Year 8 students. The program begins while the Year 7 students are attending their Heathfield High School Orientation Days. The Big Brothers and Sisters welcome them to our school, and help them to feel at ease in these important early contacts with the school.

Each Year 8 homegroup is assigned six Big Brothers and Sisters, and the bonds between the most senior and junior students develop throughout the year. The Year 8 students are looked after by their Big Brothers and Sisters for some of their first day at high school. This is followed by a period of intensive orientation to high school, including the Swimming Carnival and Aquatics Days at Murray Bridge. These events provide opportunities for the Big Brothers and Sisters to get to know their Year 8 homegroup, and to provide support and friendship.

The Big Brothers and Sisters continue to demonstrate initiative and care throughout the year in a number of ways. They are an integral part of the Anti-Bullying in-servicing program for Year 8 students. They run a varied and successful lunch-time program. On two lunchtimes per week, the Year 8 students can choose to be involved in a variety of activities ranging from slide hockey to board games, from music appreciation to cricket. In addition, the Big Brothers and Sisters organise other opportunities for developing bonds with their Year 8 students through activities such as shared lunches.

The Big Brother and Sister program offers the Year 8 students older, trusted students with whom they can discuss issues which may be bothering them. This further contributes to a caring and supportive environment at Heathfield High.