We have a school Careers website which we will be making use of. You can find the site at:

The site contains a huge amount of information and should be your first stop when you are looking for information on anything job, careers, university and TAFE related (and there is so much more).
It also has a student login area that allows you complete several important career activities.

Before logging into the Student Area, let’s get an idea of what is there and what you can do, by taking a tour:

1. Go to the Heathfield High Careers site now. On the “Home Page” you will see a few things to note:

  • Video – There is a careers related video that will change from time to time. Some are quite humorous, some interesting, others just informative, so remember to periodically check the website to watch them.
  • The Career and Course Finder - The ability to search for courses (University, TAFE, and Private Providers), scholarships and job information.
  • The Message Board – The school will post messages and notices here, so keep an eye on this.

2. Go to the “Calendar of Events” in the “Important Information” tab across the top of the page. Here you will find a calendar for the year. We will post important dates and events here. If you want to receive alerts or reminders of upcoming events, just enter your name and email address and the type of alerts you want to receive.

3. The “Careers Newsletter” under the “Important Information” tab lets you subscribe to a Careers Newsletter. This will have lots of relevant information, important dates and so on. If you wish to receive them, just enter your name and email address.

4. Go to the “Workplace Learning” menu. Here you will see several links, including Work Placements, where you can download the documents you will need in order to go on Work Experience.

5. Now take 10 minutes to have a look around the site before taking the next step and logging into the Secure Student Area

If you want to find more information about future careers, take a look at the 100 Jobs of the Future website below: