Thank you for your interest in the Heathfield High School Entrepreneurial Program.

Applications for the 2021, Year 8 Program are now CLOSED.

To succeed in this ever-changing world, students need to be able to think like entrepreneurs: resourceful, flexible, creative, and global.

Professor Yong Zhao: Foundation Distinguished Professor, University of Kansas

Heathfield High School is proud to announce that we have been chosen as one of 5 South Australian Entrepreneurial Specialist Schools. 

From 2020, Year 8 students will be able to apply to become part of our Entrepreneurial Specialisation. This Special Entry Program will be an integrated program through the Global (HASS) Learning Area. Students will be use Problem, Project and Inquiry Based Learning to explore and understand what it means to be entrepreneurial, and the mindsets required to be successful. Through Digital Technologies and Home Economics (Food and Textiles), students will also use the Design Thinking Process to develop their critical and creative thinking with an Entrepreneurial focus.

This program will continue to grow from 2021 onwards:

  • 2020 - Year 8
  • 2021 - Year 8/9
  • 2022 - Years 7-10
  • 2023 - Years 7-11
  • 2024 - Years 7-12

Please also see the excellent  TED Talk from Linda Zhang about the advantages of Entrepreneurial Education in Australian schools.