Bombora - Beach Volleyball Championships


Thursday 1st March

An excellent night with plenty of action, close games and a lot of fun.

Winners :

Senior Boys - Henry Ambagtsheer / Lucas Mark-Seymour

Senior Girls - Emanuela Riglioni / Brielle Duffield

Year 10 Boys - Nicholas Possingham / Ethan Roberts

Year 10 Girls - Manni Rogers / Elyse Westley

Year 9 Boys - Isaac Formston-Crilly / Patrick Littlewood / Jake Aish

Year 9 Girls - Jazmin Buchecker / Katie Gingell / Ebony Lobanov

Year 8 Boys - Izumo Ueda / Wilan Reid / Kurt Zytnik / Jay Ta

Year 8 Girls - Kennedy Revitt / Esther Shegog / Eliza Laurie / Elena Savva


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Fantastic competition with quality matches all night with hard fought semi-finals and fantastic grand finals in all grades.

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Photos from the competition


Another great competition with quality matches all night with hard fought semi-finals and fantastic grand finals in all grades. The night was enhanced with the presence of volleyball royalty, Sue Dansie. All gate takings went to the "labs n Life" foundation which Sue started several years ago. Sue works with young people that are "at risk" or disengaged in schools and she teaches them how to train Labradors to be companions for Autistic children. From very humble beginnings the program has extended to many schools helping hundreds of kids become great citizens.


Congratulations to the following students who won their finals on the Bombora beach Volleyball night.

Year 8 Boys - Henry Ambagtsheer, Lachi Cross, Lucas Mark-Seymour, Jack Wilson

Year 8 Girls - Isabella Baldwin, Alice Kelleher, Ella Lawson, Amber Farmilo and Eden Cagliuso

Year 9 Boys -Jayden Fathers and Cooper Nykamp

Year 9 Girls - Eden Mutton and Scarlett Doherty

Year 10 Boys - Jack Phelan and Jarryd Cotter

Year 10 Girls - Lucy Ambagtsheer and Mathilda Corfitsen

Senior Boys - Regan Fathers/Simon Gray

Senior Girls - Brooke Neale and Halona Warne


2013 event: 6th March --- Music is back!

Another fantastic evening with quality matches all night and a band that while it was put together in a hurry were superb and played all night. In fact they were the last to leave! The event was longer due to more semi-finals and that allowed many more students to participate and enjoy the warm, balmy night of activity and the festival atmosphere. The all in challenge to beat the Mark Neilsen/Peter Giannes or the Jordan Colotti/Regan Fathers combinations was a great hit to finish the activities. Thanks must go to the family of Lewis McPherson who attended the evening in support of the Sammy D foundation and all of the gate takings went ot that foundation.


Year 8 Boys - Darcy Sayer/Cooper Marafioti/Cooper Nykamp/Ostyn Dawes

Year 8 Girls - Scarlett Doherty/Britney Noske/Kaitlin McSporran/Mikayla Payne/Riley Wilson

Year 9 Boys - Jarryd Cotter/Jack Phelan

Year 9 Girls - Kelly Hall/Claire Bryars

Year 10 Boys - Ben Williamson/Tyson Neale

Year 10 Girls - Elsie Dawes/Maddy Mark-Seymour

Senior Boys - Regan Fathers/Jack Sandercock

Senior Girls - Mia Suraharjo/Georgia Williamson

Draw 2013



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