Subject Details - Stage 1 Research Practices / Project

SACE Stage
SACE Stage 2
SACE Credits
10 credits
Learning Area
Subject Length
2 semesters
Subject Overview
The Research Project is designed to give students the opportunity to study an area of interest in depth. Students use their creativity and initiative, while developing the research and presentation skills they will need in further study or work.
Students will negotiate a topic of interest with their teacher. They learn and apply research processes and the knowledge and skills specific to their research topic. Whilst completing their research students record their research in a folio, produce a research outcome and an evaluation on what they have learnt.
Focus Of Learning
A student-developed Topic approved by the teacher.
Evidence Of Learning
Assessment tasks include:
     Folio (preliminary ideas and research proposal, research development, and discussion) 30%
     Research outcome 40%
     Evaluation 30%
This is a compulsory component of the SACE, so students must achieve an overall "C" grade or better for this subject.

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