Subject Details - 9 Global Innovations

Learning Area
Global Learnings
Subject Length
4 semesters
Subject Overview
As 21st century Australians, we are members of a global community connected to the world by ties of culture, economics, politics and shared environmental concerns. Through the interconnected curriculum, encompassing the areas of English, History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship and Economics and Business, students gain a sound understanding of our society, the forces and events that have shaped it, and our relationships with the rest of the world.
Focus Of Learning
Throughout this course students will:
     Develop skills in critical analysis, multi-literacies, public speaking and various written genres
     Develop skills allowing them to analyse and critically evaluate important historical, social and ethical concepts
     Make considered and valued contributions as informed, active participants in an increasingly complex and culturally diverse world
     Allow students to access the tools, resources and knowledge necessary to meet the demands of today and prepare them to become the global citizens of tomorrow

     Making A Nation
     Industrial Revolution
     World War 1
     Asia and the World – India focus
     Narrative Writing
     Persuasive Language
     ACE Challenge
     Novel Studies
     Visual Texts
Evidence Of Learning
     Teamwork and collaboration
     Innovation and creativity
     Critical thinking and problem solving
     Effective oral and written communication
     Knowledge and understanding
Yes - application
Students will be expected to participate in the end of year Expo

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