Subject Details - 9 Food By Design

Learning Area
Responsible Living
Subject Length
1 semester
Subject Overview
This course provides the opportunity for students to develop their skills in food preparation focusing on developing an understanding of the properties of food and applying this using the design process. Students will develop their nutritional knowledge, again applying the design process by deconstructing a popular fast food item and designing and making a healthier option suitable for the teen market.
Focus Of Learning
Practical components include:
     Safe working in the kitchen
     Using kitchen appliances effectively
     Analysing, following and modifying a recipe

Theory components include:
     Properties of food
     Food science
     Nutritional Information
     The Design Process
     Evaluating food
     Nutritional Information
Evidence Of Learning
A variety of tasks allow students to develop knowledge, skills and understanding through…..
     TEAMWORK AND COLLABORATION - Through food practical activities.
     INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY - Through application of the design process.
     CRITICAL THINKING AND PROBLEM SOLVING – In applying knowledge learnt to a practical situation.
     EFFECTIVE ORAL AND WRITTEN COMMUNICATION – working as a team, presenting research findings to the class, presentation of written investigations and evaluations.
     KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING – Evaluations, investigations, action plans.
     Resources will be provided, students may negotiate to bring some ingredients.
     Students may require materials such as cardboard for assignment tasks completion.

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