Subject Details - 10 Visual Arts - Art B

Learning Area
The Arts
Subject Length
1 semester
Subject Overview
Students will create artwork with emphasis on 3 dimensional sculptural processes and printmaking techniques. The course will focus on building and construction techniques as well as carving practices. Students will consider materials limitations and problem solve to create challenging art work. Students will continue to develop in planning and ideation of projects, improving their drawing skills with also the use of digital technologies. Students will analyse artworks engaging in the work of the artist and reflecting and evaluating the artistic themes.

This course can lead to Stage 1 Visual Art/Design.
Focus Of Learning
Students will experience a range of construction and modelling methods of making sculptural artworks. Working with the development of ideas students will work with ceramics to create hand built pieces for both art and product design based projects. Paper based and other construction practices will be taught as another medium to convey a message or narrative with soft fabrications also being explored and tested. In addition printmaking techniques will be encouraged to be developed as students explore and experiment with their own personal ideas in their work. Students will refer to relevant arts practice analysing the work and taking influence to create their own response.
Evidence Of Learning
A variety of tasks allow students to develop knowledge, skills and understanding through…..
     PRACTICAL APPLICATION with the refinement of skills and techniques.
     TEAMWORK AND COLLABORATION while evaluating the artwork of Peers and giving constructive feedback to recognize and improve practice.
     INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY through expression of the artwork and use of materials
     CRITICAL THINKING AND PROBLEM SOLVING in applying technical drawing skills theory through to practical work
     EFFECTIVE ORAL AND WRITTEN COMMUNICATION through presentations of artists and the explanation of their own work in critical analysis and practitioner’s statements.
     KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING in the use of materials and the qualities these can give to an artwork.
Students will require:
     A3 Visual diary
     A large USB
     Students may need to purchase additional printing and/or internet credit

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