Subject Details - 9 Materials Technologies

Learning Area
Advanced Technologies
Subject Length
1 semester
Subject Overview
Students develop skills in the use of hand tools and portable power tools in order to make small, functional products. Students may use a range of materials such as timber and plastics to make pieces of furniture, storage solutions or other household items. Project work will require students to use basic jointing, assembly and finishing techniques, as well as hand drawing and CAD to communicate their design ideas.
Focus Of Learning
The focus is on the translation of drawn designs into finished objects. As such, students develop their visual communication skills through a design folio that includes initial concepts, working drawings and photographic images of their finished jewellery pieces.
Students will incorporate various materials and methods when fabricating their projects to help them develop important skills such as project management, understanding materials and process, communication and problem solving.
Students learn from hands-on experience and develop an understanding of appropriate WHS procedures.

Topics include:
     Safe use of portable power tools
     Safe use of static machines
     Introduction to joint construction
     Assembly and finishing techniques
Evidence Of Learning
A variety of tasks allow students to develop knowledge, skills and understanding through:
     Designing projects
     Solving problems that arise during the realisation process
     Development of new skills and knowledge through skills-based tasks
Students are required to pay for any material used over the value of $20.00

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