Subject Details - 9 Music 1

Learning Area
The Arts
Subject Length
1 semester
Subject Overview
Year 9 Students will rehearse to perfect their instrument or voice, participating in ensemble and solo performances throughout the year. A range of music styles and compositions are evaluated to inform and advance individual and ensemble development. A range of musical styles from contemporary and past times are evaluated. Exploring broad perspectives and enhancing their music-making. This course encourages students to express, refine and develop a range of musical techniques. Students are actively involved in instrumental lessons and are required to attend at least one ensemble.
Focus Of Learning
Students will evaluate the use of elements and defining characteristics from different musical styles. Students will then apply their knowledge into music making interpreting, performing and creating compositions. Year 9 students will be required to perform solo and ensemble repertoire show casing technical control, expression and stylistic understanding. Students will also be involved in learning aural and theoretical aspects such as learning notation, rhythms, and pitch.

Topics include: Evolution of Music and the influences made on history.
     Origins of Rock, Hip Hop, Jazz and Classical Music
     Aural Training
     Composition/Music Technology
     Solo/Ensemble Performance and Performance Preparation
     Sound recording and editing
     Theory - Grade 2 Theory Equivalent Music performance
Evidence Of Learning
A variety of tasks allow students to develop knowledge, skills and understanding through…..
     TEAMWORK AND COLLABORATION In Music this involves students being an audience member listening to, enjoying, reflecting, analysing, appreciating and evaluating their own and others’ musical works.
     INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY through expression of the music making process.
     CRITICAL THINKING AND PROBLEM SOLVING In Music this involves active listening, imitating, improvising, composing, arranging. Students will be required to experiment, comparing, refining, interpreting, practice and reflect.
     EFFECTIVE ORAL AND WRITTEN COMMUNICATION Applying themselves in music making and theoretical aspects.
     An achievement level of 'C' or better in Year 8 Music, or by negotiation with the Arts Coordinator and Music Manager.
     Students selecting Music must also undertake tuition in an instrument or voice.
     Students are required to participate in one of the Music program's instrumental/vocal ensembles.
     Hire of the instrument though private company.

     Course Fee
Music Theory Book - $20

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