Subject Details - Stage 1 Society and Culture

SACE Stage
SACE Stage 1
SACE Credits
10 credits
Learning Area
Global Learnings
Subject Length
1 semester
Subject Overview
Students explore the interactions of people, societies, culture and environments. They learn how social, political, historical, environmental, economic and cultural factors affect different societies and how people function and communicate in and across cultural groups. Students develop the ability to influence their own future, by developing skills, values and understandings that enable effective participation in contemporary society.

This subject can lead to Stage 2 Modern History or Stage 2 Society and Culture.
Focus Of Learning
     Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of contemporary social and cultural issues, in local and global contexts.
     Demonstrate skills in analysing how and why social change occurs
     Investigate and analyse a range ofsources and prespectives
     Work collaboratively to analyse, and reflect on, a contemporary social or cultural issue and share their learnings
     Demonstrate understanding of connections between societies and cultures
     Communicate informed ideas and opinions about social and cultural issues and societies
Evidence Of Learning
Assessment tasks include:
     Sources analysis
     Group activity
     Written report
An achievement level of 'C' or better in Year 10 Global Learnings is highly recommended. It is important to note that this subject involves extended writing, active research and class discussions.
This course can lead to Stage 2 Modern History or Stage 2 Society and Culture.

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