Subject Details - 9 Healthy Lifestyles (Girls)

Learning Area
Responsible Living
Subject Length
3 semesters
Subject Overview
This course is designed to build upon the skills and knowledge that students have developed at Year 8. Students further develop their individual and team skills, their knowledge of rules, positions and responsibilities in the different activities. Activities covered during the year may include athletics, badminton, basketball, cricket, dance, football, fitness, gymnastics, hockey, netball, soccer, softball, tennis, touch and volleyball. There will be some opportunities for choice within these activities. Aspects of health, disabilities, relationships, inclusivity and drug awareness will be covered during the year.
Focus Of Learning
Topics may include:
• Athletics
• Court Invasion Games
• Field Invasion Games
• Court Divided Games
• Striking and Fielding Games
• Rhythmic Movement
• Fitness
• Lifestyle-related health issues such as relationships, sexuality, disabilities and drug awareness
• SEPEP tournament

Home Economics
     Food Practical Skill Development
     Fun with Textiles
     Working Safely
Evidence Of Learning
TEAMWORK AND COLLABORATION - through practical activities

INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY - working on personal development

EFFECTIVE ORAL AND WRITTEN COMMUNICATION - through a variety of tasks, formal and informal

KNOWLEDGE AND UNDERSTANDING - research assignments

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