Subject Details - 8 French

Learning Area
Global Learnings
Subject Length
2 semesters
Subject Overview
This course uses comprehensible material based on the most frequently used words, expressions and language structures of French to offer students tools that allow them to communicate their thoughts, opinions, ideas and desires in French. Listening and reading skills are explicitly taught in the first semester via input rich, creative class interactions and activities. Writing and speaking skills based on comprehended input are also emphasized in the second semester.
Focus Of Learning
Topics include:

     Systems of language
     Language variation and change
     Role of language and culture
Evidence Of Learning
A variety of tasks allow students to develop knowledge, skills and understanding through…..
     Teamwork and collaboration
     Innovation and creativity
     Critical thinking and problem solving
     Effective oral and written communication
     Knowledge and understanding
No prerequisites other than a desire to acquire the language.

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