Subject Details - Stage 2 Modern History

SACE Stage
SACE Stage 2
SACE Credits
20 credits
Learning Area
Global Learnings
Subject Length
2 semesters
Subject Overview
Students investigate the growth of modern nations at a time of rapid global change. They engage in the study of one nation and of interactions between nations.
Students develop a method of hidtorical inquiry that prompts them to consider whose stories are not included and why. They also explore how technology is creating new ways in which histories can be conveyed.
Focus Of Learning
Skills, knowledge and understanding including:
     Explore and analyse historical concepts
     Pose hypotheses to guide inquiry
     Research relevant historical sources
     Evaluate the usefulness of historical sources
     Recognise and evaluate differing perspectives
     Interrogate the nature of evidence
     Communicate ideas and arguements
     Compare and contrast evidence
     Reference sources appropriately

Evidence Of Learning
A variey of tasks allow students to develop knowledge, skills and understanding through:
     Critical thinking and problem solving
     Effective oral and written communication
     Knowledge and understanding
A 'B' grade or better for Stage 1 Modern History is highly recommended.

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