Subject Details - Stage 2 Indonesian (Continuers)

SACE Stage
SACE Stage 2
SACE Credits
20 credits
Learning Area
Global Learnings
Subject Length
2 semesters
Subject Overview
Stage 2 Indonesian, students continue to interact with theirs to share information, ideas, opinions and experiences. Students create a range of texts to express acquired information, feelings, ideas and opinions. Students analyse texts, film and novels to interpret meaning and examine relationships between language, culture and national identity and reflect on the way in which culture influences communication.
Focus Of Learning
     Oral Communication
     Speaking as an individual or in a group
     Structured dialogue
     Intercultural understanding and appreciation
     The Individual
     Women in Indonesia
     The Changing World
     Village Life/ City Life
Evidence Of Learning
A variety of tasks allow students to develop knowledge, skills and understanding through…..
     Teamwork and collaboration
     Innovation and creativity
     Critical thinking and problem solving
     Effective oral and written communication
     Knowledge and understanding
Students must achieve as an absolute minimum C+ in Stage 1 Indonesian.
o A cost will be included for field trips related to the SACE course outline

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