Subject Details - Stage 1 Physics 1

SACE Stage
SACE Stage 1
SACE Credits
10 credits
Learning Area
Advanced Technologies
Subject Length
1 semester
Subject Overview
This subject Stage 1 Physics 1 gives students an understanding of the processes that direct the Universe and the world. Students are involved in a range of activities including collaborative and individual work, practical investigations and research. These are designed to develop the knowledge and skills required for Stage 2 Physics and also to support a variety of career pathways.
Opportunity is provided for students to study the way that Physics and Technology are linked and how it affects their own lives, society and the environment.
Focus Of Learning
Topics include:
     Linear Motion and Forces
     Energy and Momentum
     Electrical circuits
Assessment tasks include:
     Skills and application tasks (50%)
     Investigations Folio (25%)
     Practical investigations(25%)
Evidence Of Learning
A variety of tasks allow students to develop knowledge, skills and understanding through…..
     Teamwork and collaboration
     Innovation and creativity
     Critical thinking and problem solving
     Effective oral and written communication
     Knowledge and understanding
     An achievement level 'B' or better in Year 10 Science and Year 10 Advanced Scientific Studies or Year 10 Mathematics and Algebraic Concepts, or Year 10 Innovation and Future Studies
A scientific calculator is essential.

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