Subject Details - Stage 1 Chemistry 2

SACE Stage
SACE Stage 1
SACE Credits
10 credits
Learning Area
Advanced Technologies
Subject Length
1 semester
Subject Overview
This subject provides chemistry knowledge for students intending to study SACE Stage 2 Chemistry and at the same time, a more general experience for students who may want to continue with other Stage 2 Science subjects. Many students choosing Chemistry go on to tertiary studies, and for some of these courses, Chemistry is a pre-requisite. This course is based on the new Australian Curriculum documents which started in 2017.
Focus Of Learning
Topics will include:
     Topic 3 - Molecules
     Topic 4 - Mixtures and solutions
     Topic 5 - Acids and bases
Evidence Of Learning
Assessment tasks include;
     Skills and Application Task (Test on Topics 3 and 4 - 30%)
     Practical investigation (20%)
     Science as a human endeavour investigation (20%)
     End of Semester Exam (30%)
An achievement level of 'B' or better in Stage 1 Chemistry 1 is highly recommended

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